Download it here:

New Cards:
41 new cards total
Added Surveillance, Ass, Prostitution, Futanari, Schoolgirl, and Sissy card theme packs
Added Bully (Futanari/Schoolgirl), Servant (Sissy/Maid), and Wolf (Futanari/Animalgirl) dual transformation

UI Improvements:
In play cards are now displayed above your hand
Discard pile now shows the last card added to it
Made the option to not choose a body modifier more obvious

Card Changes:
Key Control cost lowered to 2H (from 3H)
Cock Flop changed to “unused sub this turn carries over and is doubled” (from “unused sub carries over)
Sissygasm changed to “increase max TF by 4” (from 3) and moved to later in the deal order

Bug fixes:
Fixed the deck contents having broken images
Fixed Rote Memorization not counting copies bought from the buy piles
Fixed chastity images being broken in deck, discard and in play
Lowered number of save slots to 15 (was causing lag)
Fixed boss battles not keeping track of TF dealt properly for doubling cards
Fixed damage carrying over onto first turn of boss fights
Fixed Clean House Empty Mind causing an error

This is a complete version of the game The Spooktacular Hospital by Jossan. Normally, I don’t advise taking over dead projects, but as it’s been three years since Jossan has logged into this site and this project is a relatively simple one, I feel it’s justified in this case. I tried to keep the original spirit and style in tact as much as possible apart form some modern dialogue formatting.

This version finishes off all plot lines as well as adding a few more. I hope you all enjoy it and happy Halloween!
Download it here!JLYWXYzA!22lc6yYFXtA1xs7MjkZAG0SucZgm3oex5fqQuo3wLYI


Codebase changes:
Completely overhauled large parts of the code base to improve performance.

Gameplay changes:
Introduced deal deck building system. Instead of being in a static order, you can change the TF range of cards by swapping them around as well as replace them with new ones
Introduced unlockable card theme sets
Added round 5 of the story mode, the dual transformation round with a new boss
Story Mode base difficulty lowered
Added option to randomize transformation in story mode. Doing so grants a bonus Ascension Point if you win
You know gain Ascension Points equal to your Ascension Level + 1 if you win
You know gain Ascension points equal to the number of bosses defeated regardless of if you win or lose
Removed corrupted card Ascension Level
Increased odds of getting animal cards

New transformations
Housewife (dual Bimbo/Maid)
Cow (dual Hucow/Animalgirl)

New theme sets:
Generic: Money, Breasts, Lezdom
TF specific: Bimbo, Maid, Hucow

Interface changes:
Changed the symbol for the Tease theme to prevent confusion with the new unlockable breast theme

Card changes:
Fake News, Professional Help, Teacher’s Pet and Hogtied removed
Online Interview cost increased to 5

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug that showed your damage done as being equal to the damage you’ve taken
Fixed the display for “forgotten” cards
Cards that increase dirtiness now start the dirtiness counter

This update includes the first commisioned art in the game! This was only possible due to the financial support I get on Patreon, so thanks to anyone who had donated to the game.

The new art has drawings 7 total drawings in it, with facial expressions for each. I hope you all like it.


Art Changes:
Added commissioned art for Magical Girl
Spruced up the enemy art for the hentai image set

Balance Changes:
Shopaholic reduced to 15 TF cost (from 20)
Long legs/luscious lashes now effect your basic cards as well.
Gorgeous Face raised to 20 TF cost (from 15)
Giggly reduced to 5 TF cost (from 10)
Hourglass waist cost reduced to 0 TF cost (from 5)

Bug Fixes:
Graduation actually draws cards again
Fixed a display error with the dog subset of animal girl avatar images

Download the update here

Download the update here


New transformations:


Magical Girl

Story mode changes:

Starting at ascension 1, the first round (the one with no transformation and no boss) is skipped. 

You now select your TF before your first relic.

Added screen showing what enemies and bosses you will face before the round starts

Added renders for the bosses

Added the foundations for actual story content

Rewrote part of intro

After you win the story mode, you get an epilogue that shows your final state and deck as well as more TF specific story content. 

New body modifiers:

Sacrifice: +0TF: You can’t draw cards. You can buy a card without spending the required resources by paying 2 TF per missing point

Giggly: +10TF: The buy piles don’t refresh at the end of the turn. You can manually refresh them once per turn.

Modifier 18: different for each TF

    Bimbo: Stupid Sexy: +10TF: If you draw 3 cards in a turn, gain 2 heart

    Maid: Maid Messiah: +10TF: Dirtiness can be reduced below 0

    Hucow: Abundant Assets: +10 TF: Start at 5 breast size

    Futanari: Chiseled Physique: -10 TF

    Schoolgirl: Brainiac: +10 TF: Gain 1 brain at the start of the turn

    Sissy: Total Submission: +20TF: Whenever you gain 1 sub, gain 1 more

    Animalgirl: Spirit Animal: +5 TF: The first animal card you buy will be offered every turn

    Magical Girl: Role Reversal: +0 TF: Start corrupted and at 20 corruption, Corruption counts down instead of up

    Demonic Affinity +5TF: Start each turn with 1 on the witch theme bonus track

Card changes:

Cost of Anal raised to 5 (from 4)

Cost of Cock tease raised to 5 (from 4)

Cock tease theme upgrade changed to +1 heart, 2x heart (from 3x heart)

Born to Please changed to 4H: H-> sub (from 1H: 1 sub, draw)

Dress up party changed to 2H: 4 shield (from 1H: 3 shield)

Graduation changed to draw up to 5 (from 6)

Parent night coast raised to 8 (from 7)

Formatting changes:

Converted gifs to webms, doubling video size and cutting file size by 2/3

Converted over from png to webp, saving about 30% on file size. Overall effect of changes is a 45% reduction in game size

Added option to place sidebar gifs at the top of the sidebar or in the background

Added option to select card image set. Current options are regular set and hentai set

Bug fixes:

Fixed garbage cards being added to deck when drawing from an empty discard pile

Fixed the first turn of boss showing how much damage was dealt

Fixed pre-boss bonuses going into negatives if round goes on long enough

The next game update will be a completed version of Calibration Error.

This will be the last patch for a little while. I’m working hard on TF Card Battle .6 and after that I’ll probably work on finishing Calibration Error.

Download the update here.


Added dreams based on room given traits

You can no longer avoid opponents by reloading page or viewing stats

When running into an opponent you’ve already hypnotized fully, you continue on to the room you were going to, not back to the hub

Fixed bug that prevented gaining topless trait from Eric

You can’t ask for a quest if you already have one

Lots of smaller bug fixes and typos I didn’t document

Here’s a little update to tide people over while I work on .6. .6 Will include the usual two TFs plus other new features.


Gameplay changes:
(The goal of these changes is to make TF focused builds more viable and promote finishing rounds faster)
TF now does twice as much damage versus bosses
You can now choose one of three boons before you fight the boss. How strong they are is based on how fast you beat the regular enemy
Boon 1: Meditate: Removes a number of basic cards from your deck
Boon 2: Rest: Heals TF taken
Boon 2: Plan: Starts the boss at health
Bug Fixes:
Fixed broken image for tech trait in sandbox relic select
Fixed rainbow cards wrongly applying negative values if you had more than one negative resource
Fixed broken for loop in Orgasm Denial
Fixed Prey/Predator/Pet being able to add negative of a resource
Fixed broken for loop in classic mode victory
Cards that draw multiple cards now draw the rest of your deck before shuffling
Fixed enemies in sand box not transforming
Forgotten basic cards can now be removed from any zone (including your hand if there are none in other zones)