TF Card Battle .63

This update includes the first commisioned art in the game! This was only possible due to the financial support I get on Patreon, so thanks to anyone who had donated to the game.

The new art has drawings 7 total drawings in it, with facial expressions for each. I hope you all like it.


Art Changes:
Added commissioned art for Magical Girl
Spruced up the enemy art for the hentai image set

Balance Changes:
Shopaholic reduced to 15 TF cost (from 20)
Long legs/luscious lashes now effect your basic cards as well.
Gorgeous Face raised to 20 TF cost (from 15)
Giggly reduced to 5 TF cost (from 10)
Hourglass waist cost reduced to 0 TF cost (from 5)

Bug Fixes:
Graduation actually draws cards again
Fixed a display error with the dog subset of animal girl avatar images

Download the update here

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