TF Card Battle .6

Download the update here


New transformations:


Magical Girl

Story mode changes:

Starting at ascension 1, the first round (the one with no transformation and no boss) is skipped. 

You now select your TF before your first relic.

Added screen showing what enemies and bosses you will face before the round starts

Added renders for the bosses

Added the foundations for actual story content

Rewrote part of intro

After you win the story mode, you get an epilogue that shows your final state and deck as well as more TF specific story content. 

New body modifiers:

Sacrifice: +0TF: You can’t draw cards. You can buy a card without spending the required resources by paying 2 TF per missing point

Giggly: +10TF: The buy piles don’t refresh at the end of the turn. You can manually refresh them once per turn.

Modifier 18: different for each TF

    Bimbo: Stupid Sexy: +10TF: If you draw 3 cards in a turn, gain 2 heart

    Maid: Maid Messiah: +10TF: Dirtiness can be reduced below 0

    Hucow: Abundant Assets: +10 TF: Start at 5 breast size

    Futanari: Chiseled Physique: -10 TF

    Schoolgirl: Brainiac: +10 TF: Gain 1 brain at the start of the turn

    Sissy: Total Submission: +20TF: Whenever you gain 1 sub, gain 1 more

    Animalgirl: Spirit Animal: +5 TF: The first animal card you buy will be offered every turn

    Magical Girl: Role Reversal: +0 TF: Start corrupted and at 20 corruption, Corruption counts down instead of up

    Demonic Affinity +5TF: Start each turn with 1 on the witch theme bonus track

Card changes:

Cost of Anal raised to 5 (from 4)

Cost of Cock tease raised to 5 (from 4)

Cock tease theme upgrade changed to +1 heart, 2x heart (from 3x heart)

Born to Please changed to 4H: H-> sub (from 1H: 1 sub, draw)

Dress up party changed to 2H: 4 shield (from 1H: 3 shield)

Graduation changed to draw up to 5 (from 6)

Parent night coast raised to 8 (from 7)

Formatting changes:

Converted gifs to webms, doubling video size and cutting file size by 2/3

Converted over from png to webp, saving about 30% on file size. Overall effect of changes is a 45% reduction in game size

Added option to place sidebar gifs at the top of the sidebar or in the background

Added option to select card image set. Current options are regular set and hentai set

Bug fixes:

Fixed garbage cards being added to deck when drawing from an empty discard pile

Fixed the first turn of boss showing how much damage was dealt

Fixed pre-boss bonuses going into negatives if round goes on long enough

The next game update will be a completed version of Calibration Error.

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